From Scofield v. Guillard (D. Idaho), filed yesterday:

In November 2022, four students at the University of Idaho were murdered at a home near the campus. The tragedy has garnered attention, and inflicted great sorrow, throughout the University, the State, and the country. Defendant Ashley Guillard—a purported internet sleuth—decided to use the community’s pain for her online self-promotion. She has posted many videos on TikTok falsely stating that Plaintiff Rebecca Scofield (a professor at the University) participated in the murders because she was romantically involved with one of the victims. Guillard’s statements are false. Professor Scofield did not participate in the murders, and she had never met any of the victims, let alone entered a romantic relationship with them. Guillard’s videos have been viewed millions of times, amplifying Guillard’s online persona at the expense of Professor Scofield’s reputation. Professor Scofield now sues Guillard for defamation….

None of the four students who were murdered ever took a class from Professor Scofield. Although the University of Idaho is a relatively small university, she does not recall ever meeting any one of these students….

Ashley Guillard promotes herself on Amazon and TikTok as an Internet sleuth that solves high-profile unsolved murders by consulting Tarot cards, and performing other readings, to obtain information about the murders. She has purported to solve the murders of musician Kirshnik Khari Ball (a.k.a. Takeoff), Shanquella Robinson, Tiffany Valiante, Kevin Samuels, and the November murders at the University of Idaho.

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