Taylor Swift has made one of her fan’s wildest dreams come true.
In a Dec. 19 TikTok, her close friend, Todrick Hall shared a touching story about one of the singer’s biggest fans, Estelle, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
“About a week ago, I got a message from my good friend, Holly, who told me that one of her closest friends, Estelle, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the eye, brain and spine,” the MTV alum shared. “And Estelle is a gigantic Taylor Swift fan. So much so, that she had a Taylor Swift-themed bridal shower, and her dream is to get a message from Taylor or get Taylor’s attention to let her know how huge of a fan she is.”
After seeing footage of the “incredible bridal shower,” as Todrick explained, he sent the videos directly to the “Wildest Dreams” singer.  And her response? He stated that she told him, “I would love to send her something.”

Fast-forward to the heartwarming moment dreams are made of.


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