Please don’t watch this ‘Saw X’ clip while eating your breakfast

You know when a video title contains the words “eye vacuum trap”, it’s probably not going to be a pleasant viewing experience. But then again, when it’s a clip from Saw X, what else would you expect?

The footage above shows one of John Kramer’s (Tobin Bell) victims strapped into a chair while the serial killer’s infamous voice describes his predicament: “I want to play a game…All you have to do is clock the dial across the five positions and you will live to see another day. You have 60 seconds.”

As always with Jigsaw, it’s not that straightforward, as the victim’s fingers are trapped and primed for breakage, and he’s adorned with some high-pressure eyewear threatening to relieve him of his sight. Not one to watch while you’re eating breakfast.

Saw X opens in theaters Sept. 29.

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