• Ankr’s CTO believes layer-3 blockchains will be in charge of react user integration.

  • Ankr operates a global network of blockchain nodes that serve RPC (Remote Procedure Call) requests coming from thousands of developers.

  • Ankr recently suffered an exploit that saw it lose approximately $5 million. 

Layer 3 blockchains will be crucial in the ecosystem

Stanley Wu, the CTO of Ankr blockchain, revealed in a recent interview, that layer-3 blockchains would be crucial in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. He revealed this during an interview with NASDAQ.

When asked about the role of layer-3 blockchains in the industry, Wu said;

“Layer 3 is in charge of including the direct user integration component. Layer 3 is also referred to as the application layer. It hosts decentralized applications (dApps), demonstrating how blockchain technology can be used in the real world.”

We already have layer-1, layer-2 and layer-3 blockchains. Layer-1 is the main blockchain architecture, and they include the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. When asked about how layer-2 and layer-3 blockchains work, Wu explained that;

“The ideal future of “Web3” – a term that comprises all layers – will allow all blockchains to interact seamlessly with one another through solutions like bridging, ZK rollups, and interoperability standards. Paired with Layer-2 scaling solutions, this will provide an experience that is integrated with the internet in a way that lets everyone easily benefit from the underlying principles that drove blockchain’s creation in the first place – true digital ownership, trustless systems, and both enhanced privacy and transparency when desired.”

Ankr is a leading RPC provider

Ankr is a blockchain project that operates a global network of blockchain nodes that serve RPC (Remote Procedure Call) requests. 

Wu revealed that the project currently provides services to thousands of developers and applications that need access to different blockchains. On average, Ankr serves approximately 7.2 billion of these requests every day.

Wu added that;

“Ankr’s RPCs are a type of API that connects applications, crypto wallets, and developers to a variety of different blockchains. Imagine them serving as a messenger that relays blockchain-based information between nodes, applications, and end-users so they can execute transactions, understand wallet balances, access ownership information, and more.”
This latest cryptocurrency news comes after a turbulent couple of weeks for Ankr. ankr suffered a $5 million exploit earlier this month, with the team revealing earlier this week that a former employee was behind the attack.

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