Hayden Panettiere Closes Out Summer With Pink and Green Hair: ‘Watermelon Vibes’

Hayden Panettiere proves that watermelon is more fun, as she swaps her blonde tresses for a pink and green hairdo. 

The 34-year-old actress showed off her fun new style on Instagram, closing out the summer with a fresh look. “Love my new watermelon 🍉 vibes up top! Thanks @erickohair you’re the best! Xoxo,” she captioned her post. 

Panettiere looks bright eyed with a face full of rosy makeup as she poses with her hair on full display, wearing a denim button-down shirt as she smiles ever-so-slightly for the camera. In a second shot, the star glances away to the side. 

The Scream VI actress first revealed her pink locks two weeks ago in a behind-the-scenes snap from a photo shoot. Most recently, she’s added a hint of green to her roots for the fun and fruity effect. 

Earlier this year, ET sat down with the Heroes alum for a little rETrospective, where Panettiere flashed through some of her most iconic career moments, from a Wendy’s commercial, to her role in Remember the Titans.

“My introduction to acting was actually at 11 months old. Playskool Toy Train was my first commercial, but, I don’t know if that would really be an introduction to acting, because I don’t think acting was involved at that point. I didn’t have lines, I was just playing.”

Panettiere has gone on to star in countless films and television shows, including Guiding LightBring It On: All or NothingNashville and more, but her favorite movie to film, she told ET, has to be Remember the Titans.

“This movie was my favorite movie to film, what an incredible time in my life,” Panettiere, who played Sheryl Yoast in the film — daughter of Alexandria Virginia Titans High School football assistant coach Bill Yoast — gushed. “That’s just pure me that look. That is like from, oh my gosh — I mean, I was 10 years old. I had such cute boys around me, I was surrounded by the cutest boys. Kate Bosworth was like my big sister, was close to everyone.”

“I mean, you have no idea how many times in my life I have wished and prayed — if I had wished to go back to any time in my life, it would be going back to Remember the Titans,” she continued.

While the film featured a stacked cast, including Denzel Washington and a young Ryan Gosling, Panettiere said she had no idea she was working with some serious heavy hitters.  

“At the time, I had no idea that I was working with Denzel Washington, one of the best actors of all time, that Ryan Gosling was going to become Ryan Gosling, that Ethan Suplee was going to become Ethan Suplee, that Donald Faison was going to be Donald Faison, that Kate Bosworth was going to become who she became. I mean, there were so many stars made. Made from this movie,” Panettiere explained. 

She continued, “They went off and just had incredible, have incredible, careers that I see all the time, and I still, whenever I see them, I still expect them to treat me like I’m the 10-year-old, like, still love on me like they did when I was 10 years old.”

Amid a challenging year that included the death of her brother, Jansen Panettiere, Hayden made a recent return to the big screen in 2023 as she reprised her fan-favorite character, Kirby, in the Scream franchise.  

While promoting the latest sequel, she opened up to ET about Kirby’s fate, as she was believed to have died in Scream 4. “I willed myself into existence,” she revealed. “When I did Scream 4, I made them promise. I was like, ‘Please just, like, leave it open because I would love to come back.’ And I didn’t know, but you never know. You never know you’ve made a movie until you’re sitting in the movie theater watching it… You don’t know the fate of [your character].” 

As for returning to the franchise, Panettiere said “it felt like coming home,” adding that “my heart was full; my heart was exploding.”




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