TL;DR: As of Dec. 21, you can snag the Anti-Spy Camera Finder(opens in a new tab) for only $59.95 instead of $99 — that’s a savings of 39%.

You may have heard stories of cameras found in hotel rooms and Airbnbs. They’re uncommon, but if you’re concerned, the Anti-Spy Camera Finder can help ensure your travel lodging is truly private. This simple, lightweight tool can help you find hidden cameras(opens in a new tab), and it’s on sale for $59.95

How to find hidden cameras in a hotel room

If you’re worried there’s a camera in your room, using the Camera Finder is easy. First, turn on the power switch, then press the button to activate the infrared LED flashlight. Next, scan the room with the LED while looking through the round viewfinder. If you spot a red reflective light, you’ve found a camera or some type of lens. 

Some good places to check are stuffed animals, clocks, outlets, electronics, and vents. If you see something suspicious, it won’t take long to check it out with your Anti-Spy Camera Finder. That nefarious-looking stuffed bear probably has nothing to hide, but a quick look won’t hurt. Plus, the finder has a built-in flashlight in case you need to look for cameras(opens in a new tab) in a dark area. Take it with you somewhere you know has security cameras if you want to practice. Or you could use your own home security cameras

Your travel security doesn’t end at your hotel door. If you’re going out alone, it may be a good idea to have an alarm handy to alert people if something happens, which the Anti-Spy Camera Finder doubles as. Just press and hold the alarm switch for five seconds to put your Camera Finder into a standby state. When the alarm sounds, it will also flash bright LEDs to help alert onlookers. 

Stay safer while you travel

You may not cross paths with a hidden camera, but this camera finder could help you know for sure. For a limited time, get the Anti-Spy Camera Finder(opens in a new tab) for $59.95 (reg. $99). 

Prices subject to change.

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