The halls have been decked and the carefully wrapped gifts are now ripped open (and many people will be discovering shreds of paper for the better part of the next week). But Christmas isn’t quite over yet.

Since Dec. 25 fell on a Sunday this year, many people have an extra day off today.

If you’re hoping to take advantage of after Christmas sales, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But if you’re trying to take care of business with your local (or federal) government office—or are hoping to trade stocks, it’s going to be a bit more complicated.

Here’s a look at who’s open and closed on Christmas Day (observed) 2022.

Are banks open on Monday, Dec. 26?

Christmas is a federal holiday, and as such, banks are closed. Since the holiday fell on a Sunday, it’s being observed by the government today. You can, however, still use ATM machines to get cash or put money into your account.

Will there be any mail delivery on Monday, Dec. 26?

Nope. The U.S. Postal Service does not operate on New Year’s Day. As for UPS and FedEx, it’s not so cut and dry.

FedEx Ground, Home Delivery and Ground Economy will all be operating. FedEX Express, however, will not be offered. UPS, meanwhile, will not offer domestic ground, air or international service. Some UPS stores will be open, however, though you’ll want to call before you head there.

Is the stock market open on Monday, Dec. 26?

The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and bond markets are all closed. Trading wil resume on Tuesday.

Are government offices open on Monday, Dec. 26?

City, county, state and federal offices are closed. If you think yours is the exception, it’s best to call and confirm.

Which retail and grocery stores are closed on Monday, Dec. 26?

Pretty much none of them. Retailers that closed for Christmas took the day off yesterday. Whether you’re hoping to take advantage of clearance deals or restock your fridge, you’ve got free reign.

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