China appears to be setting up Taiwan for a Chinese invasion. 

We previously reported on China’s efforts to invade Taiwan. Expert Bradley Thayer said China could invade Taiwan any day.

We reported on this numerous times.

WARNING: China Poised to Invade Taiwan’s Offshore Islands

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In March, China sent 39 airplanes over Taiwan air space.

As the Russia-Ukraine Tension Rises, China Sends 39 Aircraft Over Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone

Today, it was reported that China sent 71 warplanes over Taiwan’s airspace yesterday.

China deployed 71 warplanes to skies around Taiwan in a chilling ‘strike drill’, then blamed the US for ‘provocations’ and ‘collusion’ with the self-governing island – in one of the biggest daily incursions to date.

Sixty fighter jets took part in the drills, including six Su-30 warplanes, some of China’s most advanced, Taipei’s defense ministry said in a Twitter post on Monday.

The People’s Liberation Army said it had conducted a ‘strike drill’ on Sunday in response to unspecified ‘provocations’ and ‘collusion’ between the United States and the self-ruled island.

China and Russia are not afraid of the United States.  Only good Americans are afraid of the Biden regime. 

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