TL;DR: Find a wide range of festive spirits for Christmas Day, including candy cane bourbon, Christmas cake whisky, cranberry vodka, Christmas pudding rum, and much more.

Even the most adventurous of drinkers might be intimidated by candy cane bourbon, but we’re here to tell you that you should (responsibly) give festive spirits a try this Christmas. The flavours might not seem the most natural, but you could be surprised with what you find. Gin flavoured with Christmas tree needles could be your new favourite tipple.

To help you discover something new this Christmas, we’ve lined up a selection of festive spirits for the big day:

Christmas cake, dark chocolate, medjool dates, and cinnamon eight-year old whisky(opens in a new tab)

A big introduction to the festive flavours here, with Christmas cake, dark chocolate, medjool dates, and cinnamon all in the mix. We know it sounds weird, but we promise it works. Any whisky fan would absolutely love to find this under the tree.

Candy cane bourbon bourbon(opens in a new tab)

Do biscuits and bourbon work together? The answer is yes. This drink combines Kentucky bourbon, dark chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint, alongside actual bourbon biscuits and real candy canes. It doesn’t make sense until you try it, but those flavours should have been brought together a long time ago.

Jaffa cake vodka cranberry(opens in a new tab)

Cranberry and vodka have been friends for a long time, but that doesn’t mean Jaffa cakes can’t join the party. Believe it or not, but this vodka is made with real Jaffa cakes. They combine beautifully with cranberry notes to create something refreshing and fun.

Project #173 Christmas pudding rum(opens in a new tab)

Even Christmas pudding haters will appreciate this scrumptious rum, with notes of brown sugar, nutmeg, dried fruit, and a subtle hint of vanilla. You might even detect layers of honey, citrus, and a little tropical fruit. You might not, but that’s totally fine. You’ll enjoy this rum either way.

Yuletide gin from That Boutique-y Gin Company(opens in a new tab)

This festive gin is packed with 24 botanicals, including juniper, cassia, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and even Christmas tree needles. This drink also contains distillates made from Christmas cake, chestnuts, Christmas pudding, mince pies, and a long list of other Christmassy treats.

Mix things up this Christmas with one of these fun festive spirits. Whether or not these drinks are your sort of thing, they will certainly get your guests talking (and maybe dancing) this year.

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