Airbnb is limiting the options for folks looking to throw a New Year’s Eve bash in someone else’s home. 

The short-term rental service is banning certain users from booking entire properties for a single night as part of an effort to stop over-the-top New Year’s Eve parties in the U.S. and 10 other countries, Airbnb said Thursday. 

“These proactive defenses will help to promote responsible travel and help to prevent rare instances of unwelcome behavior,” Naba Banerjee, Airbnb’s director of trust product and operations, said in a statement.

Those without a positive account history or who have not previously booked on the platform will be banned from making reservations over New Year’s Eve, and those same guests who try to arrange two- or three-night reservations will also face scrutiny, particularly those trying to book locally, Airbnb said.

In addition to the U.S., including Puerto Rico, the restrictions will be in effect over the New Year’s Eve weekend in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain and the U.K.

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Airbnb tested out the New Year’s Eve restrictions in eight countries last year and estimates there was a 56% decline of party-related incidents versus in 2020. The company blocked or redirected 340,000 people from a booking last New Year’s Eve, Airbnb said.  

The steps come after Airbnb formally codified a party ban in the summer, saying it would use new technology to deter customers in the U.S. and Canada from using its service to throw parties

The ban on larger gatherings started out as a public health measure in response to COVID-19. 

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